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|  Aug 05, 2019
|  Andy Todd
|  Apr 24, 2019
|  Andy Todd
2019 Champions - Paddle Faster
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Paddle Fasters row to the Championship
What a night of paddle and the weather cooperated. It took just about 15 mins to dry most of the courts with the blower, players began their warm ups and the crowd settled in. I overheard many of the spectators discussing the inconsistency of the Snowboarders top to bottom line up. While the Paddle Faster's line up was considered "legit". Seems most agreed that the Snowboarders were "tanking" line 2 and 3 while focusing on lines 1, 4 and 5. I'm personally not fond of this strategy as it's not part of the overall spirit of the game and it can come back a bite you in the end. Stay tuned, as I will be announcing Rusty's Player Awards in a separate Blog. If you have any suggestion on additional awards, please shot me an email. Let's get to the recap. Recent CCV Club Columns article Line #1 Paddle Faster's Hampton Bargatze and Matt 'Great" Hane vs. Snowboarder's Peyton "AHHH" Lawson and Steven "Mr. Right" Wright was the last court on at the 6 PM start. All players were very chatty as they exchanged greetings with one another but inside each of them wanted nothing to do we their opponents. A green fuzzy ball plastered against the chest would be so satisfying. When the warm up was completed each player was focusing on the task at hand. The first set was filled with plenty of action, all players holding serve till a break at 5 all. Lawson and Wright proceed to close out the first set 7-5. It seem this was going to be a marathon match, but evidently the first set took its toll on Hampie and Hane. "AHHH and Mr. Right" closed out the 2nd set losing only one game. And being the first match off the courts. First match goes to the Snowboarders 1-0. Line #5 In the center court, Paddle Faster's "Tommy B" Bryan and Wade "Godless" Blackwood vs. Snowboarders Clark "Kent" Coulbourn and Mason "Collard Green" Antrim had a heck of a match. I must say this was one of the most exciting matches to watch. I haven't seen "Tommy B" move that well since 1972. I credit his Mrs. that should up to support him. Tommy B was called upon by his Captain just 10 mins before game time. Wade was a monster on the court, smacking forehand volley and charging the net whenever possible. This rattled the Snowboarders, who dropped the first set in a tie-breaker. Clark, known as one of the more vocal players, would not disappoint the crowd with his choice of words. Mason remained his composed self. Clark and Mason, gained a slight edge in the second set with more controlled shot selections, keeping the ball away from Wade and picking on a tired Tommy B. Snowboarders win second set 7-5. As you may not know, the third sets are to be played as a complete set in the playoffs, with the winner winning by 2 games, no 3rd set tie-breaker. These two teams battled back and forth for another hour as the score reached 9-9. The crowd was on their feet the entire time, cheering for both teams. Mason and Clark finally break serve and hold to capture the victory 11-9 in the third. Tommy B was spent, and will surely spend the next few days feeling the effects. I will say "Well Done" boys on a terrific match, great fun to watch. Snowboarders now lead 2-0. Only one more match and the championship is theirs. Line #2 Rich "Filty" Razzetti and Todd "Pepper"Oney (PF) vs. Mark "W&L" Bernstine and Nick "Ram Tough" Hardesty would take center court. The crowd was hoping for another "Center Court Classic" but on paper this was one of the Snowboarders "tanked" matches. "Filty and Pepper" would not let these silly games effect their play, they came out to make a statement. Bernstine and Hardesty did their best but the punch, counter punch combo was just too much for the Snowboarders, losing the first set at Love. The Paddle Faster team showed a bit of mercy in the second set, giving up just two games but still cruised to victory, winning 6-0-6-2. Snowboarders lead 2-1 with two matches to go. Line #3 Paddle Faster's Billy "Coach" Hancock and "Big Al" Strickler would take on David "G-Man" Genter and Lem "MS" Doss in another match similar to line #2. The only positive that came out of this match, was, no one got hurt, especially "MS" who seemed to be the target of "Big Al and Coach's" smashing forehand drives. "MS" had the moves of Fred Astaire, sliding left and right throughout the match. "G-Man" athleticism wasn't enough to offset "Coach and Big Al's" punishment being displayed against the poor Snowboarders. Paddle Faster's win 6-1, 6-2 Snowboarders and Paddle Faster now tied 2-2 in matches. The Championship all rides on line #4 results. Line #4 Paddle Faster Wilson "WD40" Davis and Sandy "Dr." Gullquist faced Snowboarders Hugh Antrim and Alex "Captain C" Cecil in this titanic deciding championship match up. With everything riding on this one match, nerves can get the best of you in tight situations. Arms feel like lead, joints are stiff and tight and the mind swirls with thoughts of failure. So the stage is set... Snowboarders surprise the Paddle Faster team with a quick start. Hugh "Duec'a" Antrim's two handed backhand is a weapon that Gullquist and Davis haven't seen all year on the court. "Duec'a" uses this shot skillfully, combined with his power serves and volley's creates havoc on the court for the Paddle Fasters. "Captain C" is moving like a gazelle and seemingly can't miss a forehand drive. "WD40 and Dr." look bewildered on the court with nothing to show in return. The Snowboarders cruise to a 6-2 first set win. Gullquist having been in this situation pulls his young partner aside and provides a bit of wisdom. As Paddle Faster team calms their nerves and create a different playing strategy the second set starts. "WD40 and Dr." are a different team in the second set. Allowing the balls to get to the screens which opens up some offensive opportunities, this catches the Snowboarders off guard and puts them on their heels. The Paddle Faster team are firing on all cylinders and change the momentum by capturing the second set 6-1. Sets are tied at 1 apiece after 1 hour of play. "Captain C" hampered with a bad knee all season was gutting it out on one leg. Hugh looked fresh as a daisy. Sandy and Wilson were ready to attach as the 3rd set began. This is where it gets interesting... Having won the second set, the Paddle Faster team jumps out 3-0, but Cecil and Antrim win the next 3 games to even the score at 3-3. A couple of long games and it's tied at 4's. Snowboarders take the advantage with a break to go up 5-4. "Captain C" to serve for the match. I hate to see this but, as I stated previously, nerves can get the best of you. Cecil and Antrim win the first 2 points to go up 30-love. Davis and Gullquist aren't giving up even with the score 40-15. Match Point #1. Cecil servers and Davis drills the ball at Antrim to make it 40-30. We have the second #2 Match Point for the Snowboarder. Cecil next serve hits halfway up the net, giving life to the Paddle Faster team. Deuce game. Cecil proceeds to fault on the next serve. The crowd is going wild at this point. Snowboarders win the next two points for their third #3 match point. Say it ain't so... As a hush comes over the spectators, no ones breathing, holding out for Cecil's next serve. Wind kicks up as Captain C's toss goes up, as his trailing foots toe drags along the court surface, the impact of the ball to his paddle is heard, "POP", the ball travels towards the service box, for what looked like a great serve, hits the top of the net and drops unfortunately on his side of the court. Giving Paddle Faster a 5-5 tie. The match would go to a 3rd set breaker, and players elected to play a 7 point. Sandy and Wilson rolled in the breaker, winning 7-4. Game, Set, Match and Championship Title goes to the Paddle Faster squad. Final Scores: 1. Hampton Bargatze/Matt Hane (PF) vs. Peyton Lawson/Steven Wright (SB)7-5,6-1 2. Rich Razzetti/Todd Oney (PF) vs. Mark Bernstine/Nick Hardesty (SB)6-0,6-2 3. Billy Hancock/Al Strickler (PF) vs. David Genter/Lem Doss (SB)6-1,6-2 4. Wilson Davis/Sandy Gullquist (PF) vs. Hugh Antrim/Alex Cecil (SB)2-6,6-1,7-6 5. Tommy Bryan/Wade Blackwood (PF) vs. Clark Coulbourne/Mason Antrim (SB) 6-7, 7-5, 11-9 Well, that wraps up the paddle season and what a fitting end to a fun and educational league. A shout out to CCV members and staff for allowing league players the opportunity to play on their courts all winter. As well, thank you to all the Captains for their hard work, organizational skills and crafting weekly rosters. Lastly, I'm so proud of each of you for your participation in the league. Everyone has taken huge strides in your personal development. The level of play is dramatically improved since the beginning of the season. Get out there and continue to work on your games. Remember paddle season is 7 months away. Rusty Wires
RPTA Paddle league will start Oct 2 & 3, 2019
Registration will open up on or about August 5, 2019. Stay Tuned.
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